How to Increase Website Traffic?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of increasing the traffic to a website by having higher Search Engine rankings. Various techniques are used to appear in the first page of several search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Why SEO is so important for your business? Well, answer is pretty obvious. High website traffic means high volume of people visiting your website and chances to increase the number of your clients are higher. So how could you increase the online traffic and make your prospectus clients find you easily through hundreds of websites and competitors?

There are many ways to do it. Some of them would be up to your web master but the rest can be done through your continual effort. SEO should not be seen as one off work, you should work towards your target constantly.

Social Media:

Having a Facebook fan page, Twitter account can help you to increase the traffic to your website. SE’s love fresh content so don’t forget to keep the content updated and make regular posts and tweets. Also ‘LinkedIn’ helps your company/business look more professional and help you to create a valuable network for your business as well as allowing your website to have higher rankings among SE’s. If possible create ‘YouTube’ videos, tutorials and add to your website. Since YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube videos rank on the first page of Google , there are more changes to get clicked.


Find the appropriate and most searched words for your business once your site is ready. Use ‘Google Wonder Wheel’, ‘Google Adwords Keyword tool’, ‘’ , ‘’ , ‘’ etc . Have 4-5 primary keywords and some secondary words to attract traffic through particular searches. Page titles should reflect content of the page and have the right keywords too.

Domain Names:

Try to include the keywords in domain name such as if you are a plumber located in London having domain name ‘’ would be helpful. Also having multiple domains and websites have enormous impact on SE rankings.

If you are focusing on a particular region, country in your business, your domain name should be hosted by the company you are in / where you are trading.


Website should be easy to use and navigate. Site maps are pretty useful for SE indexing and also aid to find the information easily while your site is visited. For smaller websites, navigations bars would be good enough but text on the navigation bars should not be an image.

Flash based websites can be pretty cool but they are not Search Engine friendly as SE’s can’t index the text content on Flash websites. They load slower or can’t be seen by all visitors if they don’t have flash player.


The content about your product/services should be created on the website as much as you can – avoiding SEO penalties (…)

Blogging also allows you to increase the traffic to your website, it’s also fun too.. Writing a blog frequently and updating your website consistently with new content is one of the greatest ways to give your site’s visitors a motive to come back.

Adding articles to you website -such as from ‘’, ‘’ – or Article/Link exchanges greatly useful to boost the traffic to your site.


Offering email newsletters on various topics either weekly or monthly basis can also increase the website traffic. Every time your subscriber receives your email, there is more probability to receive visitors your website and sell your products/services. Informative newsletters also provide more realistic look at your online identity and keep your brand seen at all times. Adding unsubscribtion facility to your newsletters would increase the chances to get more people to sign up for them.

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