Power of Colors in Graphic Design

Have you ever thought of what sort of impact colors could make on your business? All colors have different meanings that are either positive or negative and those connotations may be dissimilar in another country.. It is vital to know how to use colors in web design in terms of conveying the right message to your clients.


Red is color of both negative and positive feelings. It is a color of passion and love, that makes move with enthusiasm, motivates you and increases your adrenaline. That’s why we can see red color everywhere on Valentine’s Day or Christmas times to make us feel more energetic, excited..

Red also a color that helps to increase our metabolism so there is no surprise that Mc Donald’s and many other companies use red either in their decoration or logo. It may arouse your feelings and emphasise your business message if you are in food/drink sector.

It’s also color of anger, violence which increases blood pressure.. It’s the color of power as politicians, business people use red tie, also used for VIP’s. It has different meanings in different cultures. While it is a color of happiness in China, it is color of mourning in South Africa.


It is a highly visible color that is usually used to draw attention to dangerous events, hazard signs may occur or simply to get attention like the road sign. Using yellow can be empowering and can raise tension. But it’s also a color that lifts your feelings make you feel proactive and happy.

Using yellow in a creative artwork, can have its pros and cons. Imagine the effect of using yellow if your business is involved with energy drinks, bars etc.

Yellow is color of bravery in Japan while it represents bereavement in Egypt.


It is a color that reminds you sky, sea , ocean.. Brings you the feeling of freedom, openness, clarity.. Using blue in the logos of airlines,yatch companies is not a coincidence. It is a corporate color . Companies that convey a message of being stable also uses blue for their logos, websites.. It’s also color of cleverness, assurance & loyalty.

As well as having positive effect blue can be color of depression & bad luck in some cultures it is believed to keep bad spirits away. Considering there is not many blue food in nature apart from blueberries, it reduces appetite. Also dark blue can create a feeling that you feel press & power color of conservatism and old fashion.

In Iran, blue is the color of mourning while in the West the something blue bridal tradition represents love.


It the color of nature and has a calming effect, creates a feeling of balance and harmony. If your business involved with natural products, gardening, green marketing , green is more likely to be the color of your website , logo or print design . It also delivers a message of development, expectation, novelty.

Can be also color of envy and inexperience. It’s national color of Ireland, color of clove & good luck . Can be also found in muslim countries flags as well as being symbol of the religion.


It is the color of enthusiasm & creativity. It conveys informal, friendly message that gets people thinking or talking. Doesn’t it make you think of ‘Orange mobile’ ?

It is an energetic color but doesn’t cause anger feeling as red does. But promotes good health, gives you the feel of liveliness and increase your appetite levels! Great color for food/drink companies and communication firms.


The color of purity, cleanness, perfection. Using white in a web design can create clear , sharp message but using too much white get empower the message. It is associated with angels, brides, hospitals, doctors. It is the color of mourning in the east but color of good guy’s suit in early western movies.

Can be also used in unforeseen ways in design work and could be a good technique to create a bold statement.


Black is color of both negative and positive. It is considered to have negative implications such as evil, death, grief , unknown revolt among young people. It can also deliver a message of being serious, formal and conservative.

In the positive meaning it is the color of vagueness, sophistication, sexiness, elegance and power. It depends on how it is used.

When it is used with other colors , black makes them look brighter and emphasise them.

In the west, it is color of mourning, bad guys in the movies. It is also color for little boys in China.


Traditionally, the color purple has been allied to royalty and supremacy. The reason purple had high statue is because it was pretty difficult to produce the dye to create purple materials. When we think of purple, we also think of flowers, precious stones, dusk.

Purple is hardly used in web design so no wonder it will create a website that will stand out in the crowd.

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