What is Graphic Design?

If you have a message how would you deliver it? You can do it verbally, through written advertisements or using a visual medium… Using a visual medium makes your message more effective and memorable. This is where graphic design plays an important role.

Graphic design is the art of visualizing ideas. It is combination of artistic and professional disciplines that focuses on visual presentation and communication. Graphic designers use various methods to convey the intended message. The methods are used could be images, numbers, symbols, charts, typography & page layout. These mediums are used by graphic designers to create coherent, distinctive, memorable results through the artwork

People always looked for the ways to clarify the information through the use of visual forms since ancient times… They wanted to transmit their message by using graphics.. In today’s world, you can see graphic design everywhere. In everything we do, in everything we see.. from TV ads to magazines, from a product packaging to website design. It is no longer limited to cartoons or still images.. Creative work formed by a graphic designer can be seen in book covers, CD&DVD cover designs, motion graphics, any sort of print design such as letterheads, business card, posters & greeting cards -online or paper based ones..

Graphic design provides communication between service provider, company and audience. It is not only blending visual arts but also creation of meaningful composition in the entire design.

The result of graphic design process should be pleasing to the eye but that alone is not enough. Graphic design is a visual problem solving process and is a practice where art and computer technology is combined. Also the artist’s level of expertise and competence make this mixture work efficiently in a visually attractive and functional way .

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