Why is Design important for your business?

Think about the times when you wanted to purchase a product. A PC, a mobile phone or even furniture. What did impress you first in the product? The look.. Initially the look draws your attention and then you start looking for other features if it is durable, functional etc. When you want to get a service, you first pay attention to where your service provider is located. E.g. a bank or an insurance company. The appearance of the place or the way a product looks will say a lot about business. It gives you an idea of what sort of service you will get.

We can say that you encounter a similar approach when selling your business online, handling your business card or when your logo is exposed. A bad designed logo, website or a print design can compromise with your business.

Let’s say you make an online search and find a website that offers the service you are looking for. How long would you stay on the page.. If design looks unprofessional maybe couple of seconds..and as the potential client of that website you will move to their counterparts but if it is visually appealing design and easy to find what you are looking for, the look/design will probably make the sale.

Your clients can find out the aspects of your business through the design work, a good design will promote your business and it will make it more memorable. A website, company logo or business card gives your customers first impression. You will either win or lose the client.

An artwork designed in visually attractive way will make people think about your product, and make them buy . A professional designer has the ability to manipulate what the viewer sees using the right colors and by presenting your company vision. Therefore aestetically beautiful design will sell the product or service you offer.

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